Recommendations by Fellow Anglers

Review by Fellow Angler, Dan Turner

January 2013

"Got a couple of these discs the other day. Made a trip to the south holston which is a dam release tail water and heavily fished by fly and spin fishermen. Educated fish to say the least. After a couple hours I had missed several fish on drys and hooked a couple on nymphs. Just before the water was due to arrive and make the river unwadeable, I decided to try the pulse disc with a small clouser in rainbow trout colors.

"The pulse disc gave my clouser unbelieveable action in the ripples and even in the slow water at the end of the run by the shoals. Fish followed the clouser out of almost every shadow and dark water hole in the run. In the 10 minutes before I had to leave the water, I landed 4 fish. All were larger than the fish I had caught earlier.
The disc was easier to cast than I thought.

"I am thinking if I had a little more time to experiment with tippet and loop sizes I might have gotten even more action out of the fly. I will no doubt be trying this disc at the beginning of my next trip and with any luck landing one or more of the trophy trout that live in the south holston river system."


Pulse Disc Reviewed by The Average Angler, Colin Archer

November 2011

For reading entertainment check out Colin Archer’s blog The Average Angler.

Colin is a guide on the Jersey shore and the Upper Delaware River. He stopped by our booth at the fly tying symposium in November. He is very entertaining, with great attention to detail.

Says Colin, “So after I spoke with Jim, his lovely wife, and the ‘salesman’ I did what everyone who stopped by the booth should have done, I reached into my pocket and made a purchase.” Read the rest of his post on the Pulse Disc and other treasures from the 2012 International Fly Tying Symposium at the Garden State Exhibition Center in New Jersey.