Pulse Disc by Brinefly Innovations

Fly Fishing’s Answer to Articulating a Fly

PLEASE NOTE: Production on new inventory has stopped and exisiting inventory has been sold. We have loved being part of the fly fishing community! Thank you for your support and business over the years.
Brinefly’s premier technology is our Pulse Disc. The Pulse Disc makes your fly mimic the movement of a real bait fish.

The Pulse Disc works so well because it causes the same hydro-acoustical signature put out by the bait fish. The side to side movement is the same as the bait fish. You can actually feel the pulsation in your hand resulting in the name Pulse Disc.

This patent-pending technology has been tested by Bob Popovics, published author and guru in the fly fishing industry, who encouraged the production of the Pulse Disc prototype.

Browse the site to see the new developments, size and price list, and compelling video of the Pulse Disc in action for yourself as we bring this exciting innovation to market.

Recent News

Jul 1, 2015
Effective immediately we will no longer be carrying the discs with snaps due to the increased costs for tooling. However, if you fish for toothy critters, in place of the snaps with wire bite guard you can use American fishing wire Surflon Micro Supreme (knottable wire leader) in the smaller (20# & 26#) test. Tied on the same way you tie your mono.